Antique Steam & Gas Engine Club, Inc.

The first meeting held was on Oct. 19, 1963 for form what is now Antique Steam & Gas Engine Club:
10 Charter members that began the club were:

  • President- Charles Metzger
  • Vice President- Jake Metzger
  • Secretary and Treasurer- Edwin Irons
  • Directors- Dewey Brown, Morris Metzger, Menzie Kemmerling, Bill Holler,
  • Jess Conner, Urban Gruebel, Don Cheaney

The first show was held on July 10, 11, and 12, 1964 at the Warrick County Saddle Club. On display and demonstration was the Threshing Machine, Sawmill, and the Baker Fan Mill.

In March of 1976, the club talked about getting their own ground. In January 1979, a meeting was held to by property on hwy. 61 and Martin Road. Four strips of ground were purchased with the help of some members on donation and promissory notes. In 1992, more acreage adjoining the club was purchased.
Over the years, the club received lots of donations, and material and used blocks were purchased. Members helped clean these blocks, and the first building was built, the Clubhouse. June 3, 1979 the first dinner and meeting were held in the building. At this time, the only heat in the building was a large fireplace.
After this, the Schoolhouse was purchased for $500. The Fletcher Chapel Church was purchased for $50. After this, the Feigel Building was donated to the club, with agreement that the members were responsible for taking it down and rebuilt on site. First Meal was served in the Feigel Building in July, 1998. The Log Cabin was donated to the club and was originally located at USI. They wanted it to stay together, so the club members went and disassembled it piece by piece and brought to the club and reassembled in 1988. The cabin was originally built in 1836. Later, the front porch was added on to it, and still to this day, the cabin is a fully functioning cabin and during the shows, the ladies of the cabin still cook in it and put on a full demonstration of ways of life during this era.

On the property, we have the original Train Depot of Boonville, IN. The building was too large to move, so it was sawed into several sections and moved to the grounds. It was then reassembled and it can be toured during the shows each year. At the Depot, then there is an Engine and a caboose that is on display with it as well.

After 57 years, the club had 70 acres. At the beginning of 2020, some adjoining property came available and the club purchased another 11.95 acres. This was purchased by the club with funds of the club, donations, and promissory notes of the members. We have been growing each year and we have so much going on at the club between the flea market, tractor shows, demonstrations, and hit and miss engines, we have run out of space to put on these shows. So the purchase of the property is to be able to continue the growth of the show and be able to show many generations to come, of how the lifestyle, equipment, and education was done from our ancestors.